We have called the 510 area code home for a long time.  Jess Parker was born and raised in Berkeley, CA.  Mara Stonefield moved to the Bay Area from Southern California in 1985.  

Mara Stonefield and I have been partners in adventure since we first met at the Ice Chamber, a local gym, in 2007.  Mara had heard that I climbed and, looking at my size, figured we’d be a good match.  She asked me if I’d like to climb with her and so our friendship began.  We started making dates to climb at Iron Works and, when time allowed, heading to real rock.  In 2011 I bought a couple of used Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP).  I invited Mara to come paddle with me.  We naturally switched our sport from climbing to paddling as we both fell in love with SUP and found it was an immediate way to get out - on the water and in nature!!!  Every day we are out on the water is different, presenting new challenges and beauty.  We are constantly amazed by the stunning, urban-aquatic environment of  the bay.

         Building A Community 

We love what we do and strive to keep building a community based around stand up paddleboarding.  We want to make SUP available to all, in a supportive and healthy environment.  SUP is not just a sport to us, it's a way to be in nature while getting a full body workout.  It clears the mind and calms the soul. It's a chance to experience the bay with new friends and old.