5I0-Just Paddle


$30 per paddle includes 510 board, leash, paddle, and pfd

5 Paddle Pass - just $25 per paddle

510-SUP Intro Class is a prerequisite to join our Just Paddles

Must have taken our 510-Waterline SUP Intro Class before joining our Just Paddles. If you have a lot of prior paddling experience please contact us prior to registering to discuss your paddling skills. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see our paddle assessment requirements.

This is just what is says - JUST PADDLE!  

This is the perfect way to acquaint yourself with the ins and outs of paddling on the Bay.  Just Paddles are for those who have paddled before and would like to get out on the water with others to explore our beautiful bay and hone their paddle skills. Weather, tide, and stamina dependant we will launch from the public boat launch at Marina Bay and see what mother nature provides us with.  Brooks Island will be our destination if the water is on the calmer side.  Other days may provide us with earned (meaning paddle into the wind and then enjoy the ride and the rest on the way home) downwinding.  This is a great place to meet other paddlers who are looking to get out for an energizing morning paddle.  

Stand Up Paddleboarding is low impact, strengthens the core, tones every muscle, and gets you on the water enjoying nature.  All 510-Just Paddle classes are conducted as a group paddle, guided by WPA certified SUP instructors.  

As your paddle skills grow we can offer you more challenges, techniques and skills to build your SUP proficiency.   Longer paddles can also be arranged during these classes as your strength and ability develop.  You'll find every day paddling is different!

Price includes board, paddle, leash, PFD (personal flotation device), and certified WPA Level 1 Paddleboard Instructor.  You may want to plan on getting wet; while not guaranteed, falling off the board does happen.  Minimum age is 12 years, minors must be accompanied by an adult.  

Come "walk on water" and enjoy the world's fastest growing water sport.  Find your waterline!   

510-SUP Intro Class is a prerequisite to join our Just Paddles

If you have a lot of SUP experience and feel you have the proper stroke technique, paddle efficiently and would like to join our Just Paddles, please contact us directly. We will ask you to take a paddling assessment given by 510-Staff to demonstrate your paddle proficiency. Paddle assessments include:

  • Forward paddle with proper - powerful and efficient - paddle stroke technique. 

  • Back paddle stroke to achieve a full stop and to turn. 

  • Sweep turns front to back and back to front.  

  • Cross bow draw. 

  • Cross bow sweep turn. 

  • Knowledge of Coast Guard Rules and Regulations for watercraft, including their application to small craft navigation and safety on the San Francisco Bay. Refer to our Weather and Safety page and the Coast Guard’s board sport water safety rules for more information.

Must execute these skills without instruction from 510-Staff. Completion of a 510-SUP Intro Class will ensure you know these stokes and can put them into use. 

All participants must know how to swim.