Stand up paddling is a great core and cardio workout.  It develops and strengthens the core and improves balance.  The basic paddling stroke requires a combination of stability, strength and power.  Our fitness workouts focus on paddle intervals determined by time, distance and stroke count to build your paddle strength, endurance and technique.  Our SUP yoga challenges your large and small stabilizer muscles and improves balance while centering, focusing and calming the mind.

A good way to get a sense of what the sport of stand up paddling is to watch some videos online.  We recommend StandUpPaddingTV.  This one is called The Golden Rules of Stand Up Paddling  gives tips for good paddle technique.  Here's one  SUP Fundamentals: Paddle Technique discussing good stroke technique. There are lots of great instructional videos out there, these are just a few!

What should I wear, what should I bring?  For "what to wear" see our page on 510-WEAR?.  We recommend a water bottle, hat or visor, sunglasses (and leash), flip-flops for the dock, snacks, a towel and A SET OF DRY CLOTHES TO CHANGE INTO.  Nothing is more uncomfortable than a drive home in wet clothing!  Plenty of sunscreen is also a great idea.

Do I need to sign up ahead of time?  Yes!  We highly recommend it.   Many of our classes are full and class size is limited.  We will also be able to contact you in the case of inclement weather cancellations.  Walk-ins are welcome if we have space available.  Sign up now!

How do I pay or register?  It is easiest to register online before you come to class.  (See question above.)  Classes and events can be reserved on our TeamUp site SCHEDULE.  If you have any questions, please email or call to clarify

Do I need to sign a Safety and Liability Waiver?   Yes!  Waivers must be completed and signed in order to participate in 510 offerings.  Waivers are available to READ online.  You will be asked to fill out and sign a hard copy of our waiver on site when you come to take your first class.

Can I just come and rent a board?  Yes.  You may be required to take our 510-SUP Intro class before renting.  For more information see our RENTALS.

Can I bring my own board?  Absolutely!  Your rate will be discounted and we would love to have you!  Keep in mind that equipment makes a huge difference!  You may be at an advantage or disadvantage using your own board for some of our classes.

Inclement weather!  Your safety is our utmost concern.  Check out our weather links.  Winds in excess of 10 mph can keep us off the water.  Although lightning and thunder are rare in the Bay Area they too will keep us off the water.  Otherwise, we brave the conditions including light rain and cooler temperatures.

What is your Cancellation Policy?  We require 72 hour advance notice of cancellation to obtain a full refund.  If classes and events are cancelled due to weather we will provide a full refund and do our best to accommodate and reschedule.

What are you looking for in your paddle assessment?

  • Forward paddle with proper - powerful and efficient - paddle stroke technique. 

  • Back paddle stroke to achieve a full stop and to turn. 

  • Sweep turns front to back and back to front.  

  • Cross bow draw. 

  • Cross bow sweep turn. 

  • Knowledge of Coast Guard Rules and Regulations for watercraft, including their application to small craft navigation and safety on the San Francisco Bay. Refer to our Weather and Safety page and the Coast Guard’s board sport water safety rules for more information.

Must execute these skills without instruction from 510-Staff. Completion of a 510-SUP Intro Class will ensure you know these stokes and can put them into use.