No wetsuits needed.  Wear yoga/workout clothes with a warm top, maybe a wind shell or a rash guard.  A swimsuit is not necessary but can make you feel more comfortable on the water.  On cooler days we like to wear wool,  long johns and a wool long sleeve top, or neoprene separates.  We advise against wearing cotton.

For 510-Fitness classes plan on wearing athletic shoes and socks for the dry-land warm-up portion of our workout. 

We recommended a water bottle, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen!   Flip flops are nice for walking out on the dock.  While it is unlikely that you will fall in it is always a good idea to bring a FULL change of clothes and a towel.  You will get wet/damp since some fitness exercises and yoga poses are done lying or kneeling on the board.

Why reinvent the wheel? - Above are the basics and perfect for any 510-Waterline class.  The 101 Surf Sports website has a great detailed breakdown of what to wear in all sorts of different water and weather conditions.