510-Dock Memberships

510-Dock Membership Pricing: 

  • $99 initiation fee (one-time)

  • $99 first month’s dues (this is a commitment to a recurring monthly due)

510-Dock Memberships Include:

Access by fob to 510-Dock at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor and use of premium 510-boards, paddles and leashes.  Paddle hours: dawn to dusk.

The 510-Dock is located on F-Dock in the protected harbor in Marina Bay Yacht Harbor.  This is a great protected cove to launch from, do a paddle sprint work-out or get your sea legs back before venturing out.  

Memberships are for individuals, they are non transferable and non refundable.

Discount: Pay twelve months in advanced and receive a discount of $150.

Membership hold:  510-Dock Memberships can be put on hold for a maximum 2 months per year in one month increments.  There is a $20 monthly hold charge. 

Membership Cancellation: Notice of 14 days is required before the next billing cycle. 

Guests: 510-Dock Members can bring one guest, free of charge, once per month. Guest must have either taken our 510-SUP Intro class or has passed our paddle assessment test prior to their first time paddling with a member.  Guest must have on file with 510-Waterline a signed waiver and release of liability. After your once a month guest pass is used you can have additional guests come paddle with you for a $25 rental fee for a 2-hour paddle.  Members and their guest can purchase a guest pass online through our TeamUp Store.  

Orientation :  You will be given a complete orientation about the dock and how to use it.



Your 510-Dock Membership allows you to come down to the dock and take a board out anytime you want to paddle!


The 510-Dock is located in the protected harbor across from Salute e Vita Ristorante in Marin Bay Yacht Harbor. This is a protected cove to launch from, do a paddle sprint work-out or get your sea legs back before venturing out.


Beyond your paddle...The added benefits beyond the obvious is that the dock is a great place to have a picnic after your paddle, hang out enjoying the calm harbor, on your own or with new and old friendships on it's cozy carpeted dock. Grab some ice and chill.

Rules of the Waterways: What Paddlers Need to Know

ALWAYS wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) and attach the board to your body with a SUP leash.

Paddle with a friend, don't paddle alone. 

Carry a communication device - marine radio or cell phone - in a waterproof, floating case.

Check weather, tides, currents, channels, hazards.  Know your water before you go out.

BE AWARE of your surroundings.  You may be the only craft on the water or may be sharing the channel with a large container ship, tugboat, sailboat, fishing vessel, motorboat.  Whatever the circumstance, your awareness of other traffic may make the sole difference in the safety of everyone on the water.

Paddlers do not travel as fast as motorized vessels.  Do not assume that you can pass ahead of oncoming boats.  The safest way for paddle craft to cross the path of any other boat is astern (behind it).  Cross another boat’s path as a group, do not straggle across a channel or in front of larger and faster vessels’ paths.

Busy waterways  have lanes of travel - ALL of the San Francisco Bay is busy; it’s marinas, channels, estuaries, canals.  Know the area you plan to paddle.  Buoy markers will line a channel on either side, when returning to harbor a boat must keep the red channel markers on it’s right side and the green channel markers to it’s left (Red Right Return).  This will help you know where you should expect larger boats.

The depth of the channel may limit deep draft vessels.  Deep draft vessels cannot maneuver out of these waterways, you can and must stay out of their way.  You should only paddle in a boat channel to get across it.  If you must paddle in a channel stay to the far side, do not paddle in the middle of the channel.  The safest place to paddle is outside of boat channels.

If you do get caught close to a larger, faster vessel aim for the back of the boat.  As you encounter the wake turn the front of your board into the wave, get to your knees if you feel unsteady.  You are much less likely to fall off if you take the wave head on, not from the side or from behind.

In the marina area paddlers do not have the right of way.  As a paddler you must give way and get out of the way of all boats.

 - Adapted from “Rules of the Road: What Paddlers Need to Know”, American Canoe Association.

All paddlers must follow Marina Bay Yacht Harbor and Coast Guard board sport water safety rules.

More very helpful information about Water Safety for Human Powered Craft can be found on the 101 Surf Sports website




We do rentals, but need advance notice

$30 per hour.  Two hour minimum.  After two hours we charge by every half hour.

Our 510-SUP Intro Class is a requirement prior to renting a board. You must pass a paddle assessment to demonstrate your paddle proficiency before renting if you have not taken our 510-SUP Intro Class. Paddle assessments include demonstration of the following:

  • Forward paddle with proper powerful and efficient paddle stroke technique. 

  • Back paddle stroke to achieve a full stop and to turn. 

  • Sweep turns front to back and back to front.  

  • Cross bow draw. 

  • Cross bow sweep turn. 

  • Knowledge of Coast Guard Rules and Regulations for watercraft, including their application to small craft navigation and safety on the San Francisco Bay. Refer to our Weather and Safety page and the Coast Guard’s board sport water safety rules for more information.

Must execute these skills without instruction from 510-Staff. Completion of a 510-SUP Intro Class will ensure you know these stokes and can put them into use. 

Rentals include Stand Up Paddleboard, Paddle, Personal Flotation Device (PFD), Leash and Safety Whistle.



Email or text 510-333-0365 or 510-517-3318 to reserve your board.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service or cancel reservations due to weather and tidal conditions or if we feel renters will be unsafe.

  • On site paddling only out of Marina Bay Yacht Harbor.

  • Must be 18 years or older. If under 18 a parent or legal guardian must be with you at all times on the water. Minimum age - 13 years old.

  • Renters must wear the leash provided and have the provided PFD and safety whistle on the board. SUP riders 13 years and older are required to have PFD on the board.

  • All renters must carry a cell phone in a water proof bag/case with them.

  • All paddlers must follow Marina Bay Yacht Harbor and Coast Guard boating and water safety rules.

Richmond Harbor is a working body of water with lots of boat traffic, know where the channels are and where it is safe to paddle.

Richmond Harbor is a working body of water with lots of boat traffic, know where the channels are and where it is safe to paddle.