5I0-SUP Intro


(510-SUP Intro class is a prerequisite for our Just Paddle and Fitness classes)



$80 per class

Whether this is your first Stand Up Paddle ever or if you are looking to refresh your SUP skills this class is for you.  510-SUP Intro is our beginning class, prefect for your first SUP.  In this 2 hour class we teach you the basics of paddleboarding; covering water safety, proper stance, form and paddle techniques.  Your first time paddling with us we spend the first 20 minutes on dry land to acquaint you with SUP equipment, paddling instruction (how to paddle forward, stop, and turn) and a safety orientation; we then get on our boards to practice these basic skills; as every one finds their sea legs we will explore the beauty of Richmond Marina Bay and learn some more advanced paddle techniques.  For those paddlers who have some paddling experience SUP Intro is a great class to go over the basics, learn about the specific waters we paddle in, and develop your paddle skills. 

Stand Up Paddleboarding is low impact, strengthens the core, tones every muscle, and gets you on the water enjoying nature.  510-SUP Intro is taught as a group lesson by WPA certified SUP instructors.  No experience is necessary, but all participants must know how to swim.  Come "walk on water" and enjoy the world's fastest growing water sport.  Find your waterline!   

This class is a prerequisite for our 510-Just Paddle and 510-Fitness classes.  510-SUP Intro can be repeated.  As your paddle skills grow we can offer you more challenges, techniques and skills to build your SUP proficiency.   Longer paddles can also be arranged during these classes as your strength and ability develop.  You'll find every day paddling is different!

Price includes board, paddle, leash, PFD (personal flotation device), and certified WPA Level 1 Paddleboard Instructor.  You may want to plan on getting wet; while not guaranteed, falling off the board does happen.  Minimum age is 12 years, minors must be accompanied by an adult.  

All participants must know how to swim.